20 Grams Coffee

Category / Coffee Shops

 Your Coffee Getaway … 20 Grams Coffee opened its door in 2017 with a concept to be different and to stand out in all aspects from the coffee to the design. They focus on the Coffee from its origin to the time of handing it to the customers. The design was inspired from Urban lifestyle and to be cozy new Yorker style while have the right style to penetrate the market.

20 Grams Coffee offers a wide range of coffee drinks, light snacks and desserts.

20 Grams Coffee’s mission is to stand out between the competitor and to be at the top of the coffee chain.

Their vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

The size of a typical 20 Grams Coffee outlet is between 130 sq. meters and 170 sq. meters. They serve multicultural all income customers.

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