Aqua Bike

Category / Gym & Fitness

Aqua Bike center is the latest health and wellness center in Kuwait. Aqua Bike center was established in June 2016 in Kuwait City at Al Tilal Mall. Aqua Bike brought to Kuwait from France the first intelligent aquatic fitness system in private suits.

Aqua bike is a totally new concept to the GCC and MENA region. You can now do your water exercise in a hygienic and private place. The center provides each member with a private suite during the exercise session.

Exercising in water helps to clear your mind and relieve stress. Hydrostatic pressure of water improves the circulation of blood, re-activates the lymphatic system and relaxes your mind.

The size of a typical Aqua Bike gym is between 500 sq. meters and 1,000 sq. meters.

Aqua Bike serves multicultural, high income customers.

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