Asnan Tower

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Asnan Tower prides itself on being the only dental clinic in Kuwait that has a United States trained specialist in every field of dentistry. The dental highly qualified team utilizes the most advanced equipment, instruments, materials, and technology available worldwide to bring customers the highest level of American standards of dental care in Kuwait.

Asnan Tower is housed in a ten story building with more dentists and dental specialists under one roof than any other dental center in Kuwait. The team has the ease of collaboration and the patient has the benefit of receiving all the necessary consultations and opinions in one place.

Asnan Kids is designed with a playground environment with recreational facilities where children can have the best edutainment experience in a dentist.

Asnan Tower vision is global expansion as a Kuwaiti brand.

The size of a typical ASNAN TOWER unit is between 975 sq. meters and 1,150 sq. meters. ASNAN TOWER serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers with an average of 100 to 150 patients per day.

Based on information provided by ASNAN TOWER Management and research undertaken by Francorp to date, it is clear that there are a number of franchise operations that can be considered somewhat similar.  Although the ASNAN TOWER concept is more unique than these comparable offerings, some or all of these companies may compete with ASNAN TOWER in the franchise sales arena. 

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