CAF Cafe

Category / Coffee Shop

Call for caffeine that is what CAF Cafe strive after.  

CAF is all about precious in coffee making, like a science formula, and the unexplainable intangible chemistry of social interaction.

Founded in 2016, CAF Coffee Bar was established with a goal to provide a place where people could gather, socialize and study.

CAF offers a wide range of coffee drinks (black and milk based), light snacks and desserts along with meeting rooms and catering service.

CAF Cafe’s mission is to create the perfect coffee-bar experience by combining remarkable specialty coffee with a refined social setting to create unique interaction between people.

CAF Cafe’s vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

The size of a typical CAF Cafe outlet is between 40 sq. meters and 130 sq. meters. CAF Cafe serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers.


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