Dasman Dates

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 Dasman dates specializes in the traditional Arabian hospitality of dates, complementary sweets, drinks, and Arabian coffee made from the finest coffee beans and cardamom. Dasman dates is distinctive in its selection of the finest ingredients, its clever blending of flavours and its unmatched variety of products. Here at Dasman dates we work extremely hard to offer you the essence of tradition with a modern twist.

 Because Dasman dates acknowledges your unique taste, it offers you something special. It grants you a large variety of carefully wrapped and decorated dishes, baskets, box and luxury gift-sets to suit your every need. Occasions are never complete without Dasman dates, so why not try our infamous edible palm tree. It will surely impress your guests and offer a unique talking point.

 Dasman dates cares about you and your family’s health. Through what was proven by Sunnah and modern science as useful to the human body, Dasman dates focuses on providing you with all that is healthy and beneficial. Dasman dates applies the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and uses 100% natural ingredients guaranteed for your piece of mind.

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