Francorp Organizes Event to Spread Awareness About Franchising for the “Discover America Week”

Kuwait City, November 3rd, 2019 – Francorp, the franchising leader organized an informative event and discussion panel attended by business owners, entrepreneurs and franchising enthusiasts. The event “Learn More About Franchising” was held in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait and the American Business Council of Kuwait as part of the “Discover America Week” at Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait City. As part of Francorp’s commitment to spreading the franchising culture and raising awareness about franchising as an expansion model, the discussion panel covered various topics about the functionality and structure of Francorp’s Franchise Program, how Kuwaiti investors can bring American franchises to Kuwait and vice versa, the challenges faced in doing so and the solutions.

The speakers in the discussion panel included Mr. Fadi Aoun – Vice President and representative of Francorp Kuwait, Mr. Abdullah Al Shammari – CEO of Wolf Nutrition, a renowned client of Francorp Kuwait and Ms. Shari Stout – Senior Commercial Officer from the U.S. Commercial Service. This discussion panel was led by Dr. Arezou Harraf, Head of Business Studies Department at Boxhill College and CEO of Alerive Workforce Solutions. Dr. Arezou conversed with the speakers and asked various interesting and thought-provoking questions within each speaker’s area of expertise. The event commenced with a warm welcoming speech by Mr. Noel Perez-Falcon, the managing director of Francorp Kuwait and ended with him honoring the speakers with appreciation trophies.

Mr. Aoun, in his capacity, spoke about the services that Francorp provides to business owners and entrepreneurs and what Francorp’s franchise program encompasses. He clarified the importance of evaluating whether a business is ‘franchisable’ or not. Addressing both sides of the franchising equation, Mr. Aoun delved into how local business owners can transform their business into a recognized franchise, and how local investors can address the challenge of acquiring American franchises. Finally, Mr. Aoun addressed the biggest challenge that Francorp faces in the Kuwaiti market which is the various misconceptions held by locals about franchising as an expansion model, and stressed Francorp’s continuous efforts towards educating, informing and spreading awareness about Franchising best practices.

The next speaker Ms. Stout addressed the attendees briefly before moving on to talk about the objectives of the commercial section of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, she shared valuable insight on the U.S.-Kuwait trade relationship and how bringing U.S. franchises to Kuwait can be practiced. She talked in brief about few of the challenges that American companies face in Kuwait and the gradual improvements she has seen in the past few years. She also had some helpful advice for companies looking to invest in the U.S. and for Kuwaiti businesses looking to expand into the U.S. and why the U.S. expansion could be highly beneficial.

Mr. Al Shammari, the owner of Wolf Nutrition- one of the success stories of Francorp spoke about his business and the story behind it. He shed light on the concept of Wolf Nutrition and the significant growth it has experienced in the past few years, the challenges they faced and how they strive to overcome  those challenges and expand. He shared enlightening words about the vision of his business and how Francorp helped Wolf Nutrition on their first-time journey in franchising. Mr. Al Shammari addressed the specific obstacles and challenges he faced as a distributor to import products from the U.S. and what made him decide to opt for a franchise program.

This event represented yet another stop in Francorp’s journey towards spreading franchising know-how and culture throughout the Kuwaiti market. The Francorp Kuwait team strive to embolden business owners and entrepreneurs and assist them in achieving their business expansion goals. So if you missed this event, be on the lookout for Francorp’s upcoming engaging workshops and events, and we’ll see you there!

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