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Where comfort and relaxation…

Herbal Spa is one of the most successful and growing companies in the spa sector in the region. The company established its first branches and operations in the early 2000’s and operates 19 branches including men’s and women’s branches in many countries in the Gulf region, the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are always a pioneer in the field of health institutes in the Gulf region to bring our customers the best and latest in the world in the field of massage and attention and care of body and skin.

We are always striving to keep abreast of technological and knowledge development, in addition to our deep understanding of business and customer needs, as well as our ability to provide integrated development plans at a regular pace.

We pay special attention to customer satisfaction and work hard to give customers a world class experience.

Our vision of success is to measure the satisfaction of our customers and to meet their aspirations and needs. We continue to strive to improve our performance and find the best.

The size of a typical Herbal Spa outlet is between 350 sq. meters and 1,500 sq. meters.

Herbal Spa serves multicultural all income customers.

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