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Simply delicious and superbly humble – that is what Humble Burgers strive after.

Humble Burgers believes that all good things should reflect quality over quantity. We serves juicy burgers, fresh salads and sides, decadent desserts and shakes.

Humble Burgers was set up in 2014. The idea was to create a better-burger concept fresh and prepared in-house. Currently there are 3 operating outlets in prime locations in Kuwait.

Humble Burgers’ objective is to create the best burger experience in the region.

Humble Burgers’ mission is to exceed customers’ needs and expectations through the delivery of an outstanding experience and impeccable taste.

The size of a typical Humble Burgers outlet is between 30 sq. meters and 150 sq. meters. Humble Burgers serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers with average orders of 100 to 120 per outlet per day.                    

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