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k7l Francorp Kuwait

K7L is the culmination of a decade of meticulous market research and observation into a demographic that has had an intimate relationship with beauty throughout history, a relationship which is constantly evolving.

K7l’s mission is to formulate a line of products that would stand up to the highest standards of professional makeup artists. K7l offers their end-consumers admission into the gates of A-list luxury.

K7ls objective is to expand in the Middle East Region and ultimately in markets where the brand will thrive.

K7l’s vision consisted of chasing audacious hues, richly pigmented color, smooth application, intensity and durability, which led to the creation of a comprehensive range of  products to suit every woman, on every occasion.

K7l offers a wide range of cosmetics including Makeup, Eyelashes and Nail polishes. The size of a typical K7l outlet is between 20 sq. meters and 30 sq. meters. K7l serves young ladies and women aged 18-65.

K7l aspired to connect K7L’s Arabic origins to the western world we envision embracing the brand in the near future. It’s our way of encrypting our roots into the brand, so that no matter what international path it follows, it will always possess that link to its foundations.

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