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Meme’s Curry is one of a kind Japanese restaurant.

It all started as a home business in 2013 by the CEO and founder of Meme’s Curry, Chef Shehab Al-Attar. He started advertising in social media, with one driver to distribute for home deliveries. The following months, his partner, Yousef Ghareeb joined the first food exhibition at Australian College of Kuwait. Since then, they have joined exhibitions along side with their friends to form a “Japanese themed restaurant with Kuwaiti staff”.

By Oct 5th 2014, Meme’s Curry Restaurant was born. It was the first branch, only 22 square meters with 3 tables, in Hawali, Al Rihab Complex. About a year later, the restaurant expanded to 82 square meters with 10 tables to serve. In June 2016, Meme’s Curry 2nd branch opened in Salmiya, The View Mall. It servers 8 tables with a delivery system from a company called “Carriage” which operates in a unique application via Smart phone to order and track deliveries.

The restaurant is famous for its unique sauce consisting of ghost pepper chili and Trinidad 7 pot peppers. Meme’s Curry vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

Meme’s Curry serves multicultural middle to high-income customers. The size of a typical Meme’s Curry outlet is between 70 square meters and 85 square meters and the average orders per day are 160 to 300.

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