Moo Milk Bar

moo milk bar francorp kuwait

The Best Milk Bar, Moo Milk Bar was the first Milk Bar to open in Kuwait serving unique flavors of soft serves, flavored milks, special desserts.

The flavors and verities are enhanced on a monthly basis and occasionally.

Moo milk bar opened its first branch in Sharq in October 2017 and second branch. In 360 mall, Third branch in Avenues mall with more to come.

Moo Milk Bar offers Soft serve, flavored milk, cakes, coffee , savories Catering, events “Collaborative” , delivery, counter services

Moo Milk Bar provides the world’s ultimate Milk Bar experience with the highest-quality products, most inviting stores, friendliest staff and best value.

Moo Milk Bar vision to global expansion and brand awareness.

Moo Milk Bar serves multicultural middle to high-income costumers.

The size of a typical Moo Milk Bar outlet between 50 square meters to 100 square meters.

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