Pistachio Crepe

The idea of Pistachio Crepe was established in the beginning of 2015 with limited possibilities, but it brought with it the expertise and excellent working hand in a limited manufacturing workplace.

With the perseverance, sedulity, and after the establishment of a customer’s base, the company has started to open branches within the malls and cooperative associations Pistachio Crepe has won the confidence and support of its customers for their confidence in the local product and components of high quality and rich taste, as all raw materials from the finest brands.

Pistachio Crepe offers a wide range of crepes, waffles, fresh, hot and cold drinks.

Pistachio Crepe vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

The size of a typical Pistachio Crepe outlet is between 60 sq. meters and 150 sq. meters.

Pistachio Crepe serves multicultural all income customers.


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