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Specialty Coffee . Real Food . Soft Serve .  

Press is a specialty coffee shop based in Kuwait, established in 2017. Press is currently located in Sharq, has its own kitchen, and offered specialty coffee, ready to eat freshly made real food and soft serve.

Mission: to provide the highest quality products and services and to create handmade natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives.

Vision: to be a leader in the specialty coffee, soft serve and real food industry by committing to a culture of quality, excellence, integrity and passion for all things we do.

Press Coffee’s mission is to create the perfect coffee-bar experience by combining remarkable specialty coffee with a refined social setting to create unique interaction between people.

Press Coffee vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

The size of a typical Press Coffee outlet is between 40 sq. meters and 130 sq. meters. Press Coffee serves multicultural middle to high-end income customers.

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