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Turkish Steak House

The first branch of Sultan chef was opened in July 2014 at Al Tijaria Tower – Kuwait city. Sultan chef restaurant achieved an unprecedented number of visitors to any new restaurant opens in the region, since it opened; no less than 500 visitors come to the restaurant in daily basis. The tables of the restaurant, which extend to 350 square meters, are only free for few minutes before it’s occupied with another guest. The number of those who follow the pages of the restaurant on the social networking sites rose up to thirteen thousands followers during a very brief period. Some elite social figures spoke about the restaurant along with well-known blogs that covers all aspects of life like fashion and sport news and food etc.

Sultan chef mission is to be “ The Best Barbecue Restaurant in the Arabian Gulf region .

Sultan chef vision is global expansion and brand awareness.

The size of a typical Sultan chef outlet is between 130 sq. meters and 170 sq. meters. Sultan chef serves multicultural all income customers.

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