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Wolf Nutrition was established in 2016 by University of Bedfordshire graduate psychologist Abdullah Al Shammari as Kuwait’s first ketogenic meal plan. We started out small not accepting any more than 50 subscribers to ensure quality maintenance.

With demand and awareness of the Ketogenic diet spreading in Kuwait as well as people seeing tangible results, we expanded our company to grow with the demand.

We offer a ketogenic meal plan consisting of three meals and one snack. It’s low in net carbs, not exceeding 35-40 net carbs per day, designed to get the body into the hormonal state of ketosis.
The benefits of achieving ketosis are:

– Fat loss without hunger (the ketogenic diet is not a caloric approach to weight loss)

– Decreased inflammation – Using ketones for a new source of energy as opposed to glucose.

The size of a typical Wolf Nutrition outlet is between 130 sq. meters and 250 sq. meters.
Wolf Nutrition serves multicultural, mid-high income customers.

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