Francorp is acknowledged as the world’s leader in franchising. Founded by Donald Boroian in 1976, Francorp has provided full development programs to help ensure the franchise success of over 2,000 businesses.

The Industry Leader

Francorp has benefited franchisors by becoming the first firm to offer all franchising training and support functions under one roof. Therefore, Today we continue to be the only firm to offer clients coordinated strategic planning, legal services, operations, marketing, training and support services. With the most qualified and experienced team in the industry, our experience has taught us where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

This is bacause of the Francorp Proven Method – a 20 step system for developing successful franchises. We now have over 2,000 successful client stories and adding more everyday.


Francorp Kuwait

After Francorp was brought to Kuwait in 2016 by Mr. Khaled Al Rashed, we acquired several new clients in a short span of time. In addition, we sold a number of franchises. Mr. Khaled gracefully sponsored and hosted many franchising workshops. Also, our clients were offered free booths at franchise expos, which turned out to be very advantageous for our valuable clients.

We got commendable recognition from the local press and publications overall. During the first functioning year in Kuwait itself, we managed to sell over 13 franchises internationally. We also organized 5 workshops and expos. Moreover, We consulted countless potential customers and signed over 43 franchise programs and brokerage agreements, with 80% acquisition in the second year.

Leading Success Stories

Our clients who have developed a relationship with Francorp, used our services, and reaped the benefits of our knowledge and expertise. They include –  CAF Café, Press Coffee, Mukha, November and co, Aqua Bike, Koobs Coffee, Humble burger, Tree Rose, Yoza Restaurant, Black Paprika, K7L, Cell #9, Herbal Spa, Table Otto, Pistachio Crepe, Hokkaido Tarte and many more.

Our team in Kuwait is enthusiastic, passionate, vibrant and hard working with perseverance towards our clients. We will tell you about franchising basics, your franchising potential, and what’s required on your part to effectively develop your franchise business. In addition, we will give you a better understanding of the basic factors involved, and to determine whether you effectively possess these qualities. Of course, you have other franchising options that may better suit your business. Before offering any specific advice or helping develop your growth strategy, it’s important that we hear the your story and examine your options.

Francorp Kuwait

Come Join Us

Are you curious to find out your options for franchising and to determine the optimal strategy for growing your business? Through our experience in developing big brand franchises, we’ve managed to determine the most costly mistakes in franchising. Avoiding those mistakes will gain you the most opportunity.

When you develop a franchise using Francorp’s guidance, you’ll succeed and be efficient. Start with our proven 20 steps to successful franchising. Then look at the development services Francorp has to offer. Interested in learning about your options and how our experience and expertise can benefit your growth strategy and the development of your franchise?

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