Francorp Collaborates with MyMentor as an Online Franchise Consultant

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Francorp Kuwait President Mr. Khaled Al Rashed is now an online franchise consultant for MyMentor, an online consultation service platform. Live sessions with Mr. Khaled can now be booked by prospects via this platform to make franchise consultation a simpler task at the click of a button. As Francorp continues to flourish and thrive success by day, this type of online consultation will mitigate the process of acquiring potential clients and will make our consulting services more accessible. Francorp always welcomes new ideas and technological advancements to make mundane tasks effortless for the customers and to spread knowledge among the community.

MyMentor is an online consultation service in Kuwait where mentors and successful business owners with expertise in topics like Business Strategy & Development, Marketing & Branding, Sales, Technology, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Business Operations etc. come together on one platform. Upon request, the respective mentor will be available to the client on either 1-1 live video session, webinars or video on demand, this is a great way to gather knowledge from anywhere without being physically present.

Francorp being the industry leader in Franchise Consulting with the most qualified and experienced team will prove to be an asset for this kind of service platform whose specialty is outspreading the access to approach consulting with experts. After Francorp was brought to Kuwait by Mr. Khaled in 2016, Francorp acquired several new clients in a short span of time. In addition, sold a number of franchises. Mr. Khaled gracefully sponsored and hosted many franchising workshops and events.

Francorp got commendable recognition from the local press and publications overall. During the first functioning year in Kuwait itself, Francorp managed to sell over 13 franchises internationally and also organized over 5 workshops and expos. Moreover, Francorp consulted countless potential customers and signed over 43 franchise programs and brokerage agreements, with 80% acquisition in the second year.

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Here at Francorp we help you with your business plan, analyze your presence in the market and measure you against your competitors; we take care of all the documentations stating the responsibilities of the franchisee; we develop a comprehensive operations manual with all the tasks required to operate the business; we create a marketing plan for you to generate sales leads based on your expansion goals; we make sure the franchisee has all the requirements to own your franchise.

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