Francorp Conducts Interactive Workshop for Franchising Aspirants

Kuwait City, October 22nd, 2019 – Francorp, the world’s leader in franchising, organized an open ended and in-depth workshop in collaboration with Tribe on what it takes to successfully kickstart one’s franchising journey. The workshop successfully brought together several ambitious and motivated candidates who could potentially be a part of the franchising industry in the near future, along with franchising experts for guidance and networking.

The workshop commenced at 6:00 PM with a brief introduction easing into the main agenda. The first portion of the workshop was a discussion initiated by one of Francorp’s consultants Aya El Ghandour with a very informative and enlightening presentation on “Are you ready to franchise?”. The seminar covered the most important topics in the field of franchising, moving over introductory concepts from what a franchise is and why people opt for franchising to more advanced and elaborated concerns like challenges faced by franchisors, commitment required to grow a franchise, the ongoing process of franchising, franchising requirement and eligibility, contents of a franchising operations manual, concerns with cloning one’s business, allocating budget for franchise structure and the future forecast for the success of a company in a new location etc.

The second portion of the workshop was conducted by Mr. Abdullah Al-Benayan, Partner & Chief International Operations Officer at Caf Café, one of the leading Specialty Coffeeshops in the region. Mr. Abdullah spoke about transforming CAF Café into a household name, through utilizing a well-defined franchise expansion strategy in the GCC region. We at Francorp, believe it is always imperative to showcase real experiences and journeys to present both the highlights and challenges of franchise expansion. Mr Abdullah was instrumental in illustrating that balance by taking the attendees through CAF’s distinguished journey, along with CAF’s partnership with Francorp.

The seminar was followed by a reciprocating a question & answer session with our attendees, the crowd had some insightful and perceptual questions regarding the franchising process and know how. Later, an interesting discussion panel was held by Mr. Abdullah Al-Benayan, followed by further interaction with the audience regarding the same. Mr. Abdullah scrutinized a few intricate topics with the attendees in cooperation with Francorp’s consultants. The workshop later dissolved into a meet and greet, where the participants got a chance to interact and socialize with each other. In an industry where networking is one of the key activities, this segment was imperative.

As part of Francorp’s mission to spread the franchising culture and educate entrepreneurs and business owners about franchising as an expansion strategy, we are further looking forward to more upcoming workshops about to be set into motion in the coming couple of months, where more diverse and engaging themed subjects will be covered by experts among huge assemblage of people from all walks of the franchising industry.

Here at Francorp we help you with your business plan, analyze your presence in the market and measure you against your competitors; we take care of all the documentations stating the responsibilities of the franchisee; we develop a comprehensive operations manual with all the tasks required to operate the business; we create a marketing plan for you to generate sales leads based on your expansion goals; we make sure the franchisee has all the requirements to own your franchise.

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