How To Get Qualified Leads?

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It’s time. You feel ready! Your expansion plan has been determined, your legal documentations have been drafted, your franchise operations manuals are prepared and you’re all set. The only thing that is missing is individuals or corporations that are eager to earn the right to operate your brand in their home country. In order to get qualified leads, there are a few things you must take into account.

First, determine your ideal franchisee.

First off, you must ask yourself, what are the characteristics needed in an investor whom will be in charge of representing your brand overseas?

Apart from capital, which is crucial, there are many other factors to consider in a potential investor.

  • Professional Experience
  • Academic Background
  • Existing Companies
  • Desired Territory

Second of all, add a ‘Franchise’ section to your site.

Once you start undertaking franchising as an expansion strategy for your business, it is very important to announce it. One of your largest platforms is your official website. Thus, adding a ‘Franchise’ section to your site, in which potential investors are able to fill out a franchise request application, is ideal.

Your franchise section may also include information about your franchise business, such as your Franchise fee per unit, Royalty fee, Exclusive territory conditions and so on.

Third, take part in franchise exhibitions.

A considerable number of franchise exhibitions take place annually around the globe. Such exhibitions enable you to meet potential investors face to face, and raise brand awareness overseas. As mentioned before, it is essential to put yourself out there, and to announce that you have chosen franchising as your expansion strategy, and being present in such exhibitions give you an excellent platform to do so.

Fourth, Partner with a franchise consulting firm.

Franchise consulting firms typically receive many requests from investors regarding the local brands they develop franchise programs for. Thus, working with a franchise consulting firms will give you additional exposure and you may gain good connections or even get a qualified lead as a result.

Here at Francorp we help you with your business plan, analyze your presence in the market and measure you against your competitors; we take care of all the documentations stating the responsibilities of the franchisee; we develop a comprehensive operations manual with all the tasks required to operate the business; we create a marketing plan for you to generate sales leads based on your expansion goals; we make sure the franchisee has all the requirements to own your franchise.

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