Why Franchise Consultants Exist

Credits: Hawra Khalaf, Franchise & PR officer, Francorp Kuwait (hawra@francorpme.com)

At Francorp (The Franchising Leader), we offer several business and franchise related services, and we take our roles as franchise specialists seriously. Our main aim is not just to convince entrepreneurs to buy a franchise; rather we exist to build their franchise and expansion structure in a solid way and as per the international standards, to protect their brand, operations and expansion strategies, making sure that they always have the upper hand on their franchised units. We also help franchisors expand their businesses globally and avoid common mistakes. Francorp franchise consultants work to ensure franchise growth and development.

Read on to know how franchise consultants can be helpful to the franchise & business industry.

What is a franchise consultant and how do they help?

Working with franchise consultants will be beneficial as they have specialised knowledge in the franchise world. A franchise consultant can be defined as someone who consults business owners and builds for them their expansion structure as per their goals and objectives, and be on their side for their franchise/ expansion procedures to make sure that the brand is protected and on the right expansion track. They answer big questions related to franchising. 

Significantly, they guide entrepreneurs to achieve an effective franchise business model for expansion. they provide vision for those who are lost don’t know what they want and where to start. The franchise consultants Structure and build as per a detailed plans and site visits the franchise and expansion strategic plans, the franchise financial plans, the franchise legal structure and documentations, the franchise operation manuals and standards of procedures and the franchise marketing plans to enter the new markets. In addition, and after completing the expansion structure, they will help the business owners to implement the mentioned steps above and to begin the expansion by linking them to the interested investors through the best franchise expo’s regionally and globally, and through the consultant’s investors database. With their practical advice, they save entrepreneur’s time, money and further headaches. Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, franchise consultants can help you with all of this and more. 

They make a significant difference in the success of entrepreneurs, both franchisor or franchisee; for achieving growth systematically and sustain it for a long term. They analyse business risks in other geographical regions and create balanced legal agreement that satisfies all parties. The best part about the professional service they provide is that they truly care about helping their clients to accomplish their success.

Here at Francorp we help you with your business plan, analyze your presence in the market and measure you against your competitors; we take care of all the documentations stating the responsibilities of the franchisee; we develop a comprehensive operations manual with all the tasks required to operate the business; we create a marketing plan for you to generate sales leads based on your expansion goals; we make sure the franchisee has all the requirements to own your franchise.

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